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Suffer the Children“It keeps you transfixed right up to the nail-biting climax. Creed writes with a gritty realism that doesn’t let go.”
Simon Beckett.

DI Will Wagstaffe - ‘Staffe’ to friends and enemies alike - is a man with many burdens. On the eve of leaving for a personal trip abroad he is called to the scene of a horrific crime: a known paedophile has been butchered in his own home. As the violence escalates Staffe finds himself having to protect known offenders and haul the families of their victims down to the precinct.

The case splits Staffe and his team, for it calls into question the whole idea of justice - when the courts have failed to prosecute the perpetrators of child abuse where does that leave the victims and their families?  As he digs deep into London’s dirtiest seams, figures from Staffe’s past come back to haunt him: Sylvie, the estranged love of his life, and Jessop, his ex-partner and mentor.

In pursuing justice, he has to hurt the ones he loves but with his boss and the newspapers out to get him Staffe must revisit the past in order to make sense of the present and end the violence. In doing so the areas between right and wrong are blurred but the main question remains: how far would you go to protect your children?

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Willing Fleahs Book Cover“Pungent, edgy, visceral.”
“London’s answer to The Wire.”

Christmas is coming and D. I. Staffe is trying to make a go of it with his on-off girlfriend, Sylvie, when a murdered woman is discovered in a swanky City hotel room - she is Elena Danya, a blonde and beguiling high-end prostitute.

As Staffe becomes obsessed with Danya, a friend of hers, an altogether more down-at-heel working girl, is found dead and their mutual aristocratic friend and bad-girl, Arabella, goes missing.

The evidence begins to point to a voyeuristic predator, Graham Blears, but Staffe is not convinced and is increasingly drawn away from the city and towards the roots of a tangled ménage involving a City banker, a Russian oligarch and a Turkish playboy, forcing himself down into the higher echelons of the British establishment, whose barricades begin to stonewall the investigation.

When his Chief, Pennington, cuts him loose, Staffe becomes the hunted instead of the hunter, with grave consequences for the women who are close to him.

Adam Creed brings to The Willing Flesh the same gritty urban authenticity he brought to his thrilling debut Suffer the Children.

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Pain of Death Book“Creed is a distinctive presence in crime fiction, his unusual subject matter is rendered in lyrical prose and studded with incisive character portraits.”
Cathi Unsworth, GUARDIAN

A woman is discovered beneath the London streets, barely alive. Soon after, DC Josie Chancellor finds an abandoned, newborn baby close to Leadengate station. DI Will Wagstaffe puts woman and baby together. The woman is Kerry Degg, a burlesque singer, as well as a rotten wife and mother. Kerry has bad friends, a dodgy husband and no idea about what it takes to build a family.
As Kerry clings to life, Staffe hears only discord: from a well-connected West London gangster and a forgotten politician; from a maligned sister and an unborn population to whom someone, somewhere, is determined to give voice.

Staffe ventures from Whitehall’s clubland to Soho’s fleshpots trying to make his way through a labyrinth of trails that leads above and below ground to another woman, seemingly forced - like Kerry Degg - to bear her child in captivity.

In Pain of Death, DI Will Wagstaffe discovers that the simplest thing in all the world - to bear a child - lies beneath the actions of the powerful and the desperate. And will he manage to rescue both mother and child in time?

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Death in the Sun Book


Staffe is haunted by the ghosts of Civil War on the mountains and shores of Andalucia, and as he gets closer to catching up with the man who murdered his parents, he gets sucked into an expat love tryst that digs to the heart of long-buried secrets of the small village where he sister is trying to build her new life.

In Almagen, a small village in the Andalucian mountains, Staffe nurses himself back from the brink of death. His idyllic new life in Spain appeals and he is becoming a part of the community. When his friend, Manolo, takes Staffe to visit Almeria and tells him about a body that has been found buried in an old greenhouse by the Mediterranean, Staffe becomes inexorably drawn to the case.

He befriends a journalist, Raúl, who presents the killing as a simple case of drug-trafficking gone wrong, but it soon emerges that this murder mirrors the methods of torture used during Spain's brutal civil war.

When Raúl plunges to his death in a drunken car crash, Almagen's own secret past slowly rises to the surface, bringing with it family feuds and an expatriate ménage of a famous British artist, a Vietnam War vet, and a beautiful German heiress.

Between the sierra and the sea, everyone seems to want to bury the past - except Staffe, whose new life is threatened as he refuses to abandon his investigation. Once unearthed, the past refuses to go away and the closer the unseen enemy gets, the more Staffe's own past haunts him, and the closer he gets to the man who murdered his parents

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The Staffe series has been translated into eight languages and is available in the following countries (in order of publication). Please click any book image to be taken to its relevant page:


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Suffer The Children and Willing Flesh are available in both large print and audiobook format, being published by Thorpe and Oakhill respectively.

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The BBC commissioned an adaptation of the Staffe series, which resulted in a full script being written by Chris Lang. At the moment, there are no plans to film, but we’re obviously working on that and we’ll keep you up to date as and when there are any developments. Fingers crossed! Please get in touch with your suggestions as to who might play Staffe on the screen. There were some impressive names floating through our conversations with the Beeb, but I suppose I am honourbound to keep those under my hat until something happens.


Adam Creed is represented by the Conville and Walsh Literary Agency